The Devil in Me: his twisted and frightening universe explained by Tom Heaton

Tom Heaton, Game Director of The Devil in Me, takes us behind the scenes of its production.

On November 20, horror game fans waited for the release of The Devil in Methe final entry in the anthology The Dark Pictures. Developed by Supermassive Games, the saga marks the end of its first season with this fourth and final game, different from its predecessors in many ways. For the occasion, we were able to meet Tom Heaton, the game director, who explained to us in more detail the creation of The Devil in Me.

Discover The Devil in Me

In this title, you play a gang of young journalists making a documentary about the famous serial killer HH Holmes. The latter built a murderous hotel in the heart of Chicago in which the businessman had fun torturing and massacring his victims. In The Devil in Methe youngsters deal with a modern reproduction of the “Castle of Murders” that proves to be just as deadly as the original.

Those who have been able to play the title already know that one of its main assets is its intelligent level design, but also and above all its poignant narration. As with any Supermassive Games game, plot is at the heart of the game and Tom Heaton says this was one of the biggest challenges in development:

The biggest challenge when making one of these games is to tell a very compelling story, with really interesting characters, that can also branch out and go in different directions and give everyone something unique. It’s always very difficult […] but also very rewarding, I would say.

the devil in me interview
Credits: Bandai Namco

New immersive mechanics

The strength of The Devil in Me also lies in its state-of-the-art gameplay that allows players to fully immerse themselves in the story concocted by the scriptwriters. Tom Heaton explains:

Moving from one game to another, we have always sought to offer the player something new and very different from what came before. We looked at how our exploration works, how we walk around the world and interact with things, and we revamped it to make it much more interactive for the player. They can now jump and climb, squeeze into spaces they can crawl under, swing on beams, run, etc. So they have a lot more autonomy and that allows the world to be filled with secrets.”

Throughout the adventure, you alternate between 5 different characters and have to make choices that will greatly impact their destiny. Thinking is therefore essential, but so is speed when you sometimes have to hide or save one of your teammates in extremis. The game director says:

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