“The dictatorship is the same”: Syrian living in Colombia over Afghanistan

Ahmad Tayel, a Syrian who arrived in Colombia in 1992 in the company of his family, spoke at 10AM Hoy por Hoy about his journey and He explained why he stayed in Colombia and the similarities between the conflict in Syria and the one in Afghanistan.

“We left for many reasons, I was working in a cultural foundation and they sent me to Colombia. In Syria there is a complicated dictatorial system that restricts freedom, because of these difficulties I left and it has been a very good experience, I have learned about other cultures”, He commented.

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Regarding what is happening in Afghanistan, Tajel pointed out: “The Syrian people are experiencing a complicated situation, there are different problems than those facing Afghanistan, but dictatorships are the same because they impose a religion… The dictatorship is the same, no matter what it is clothed in”.

He also referred to the Muslim community in Colombia: “Compared to other countries, including Latin America, the Muslim community is very small… Muslims in Colombia have two components, the religious component and we do not have the same rejection that we have in Europe.a”.

I came intellectually prepared to learn from different human brothers. A person with a lot of reading becomes over time a universal being and will always be prepared to capture the positive, “he concluded.

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