The difference between Estelle and Oscar – can be seen in Victoria’s behaviour

Princess Estelle, Prince Oscar and Crown Princess Victoria

They are both children of a crown princess but live partly different kinds of lives. Here are Victoria’s separate picks for Estelle and Oscar.

That’s why Estelle and Oscar are so different!

After the commercial: That’s why Estelle and Oscar are so different!


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The second Princess Estelles was born, her fate was decided: One day she will be queen.

A completely different role from little brother Oscar. He is certainly royal, but not Sweden’s future regent.

This, of course, characterizes the siblings’ lives. Estelle has attended Queen’s School since she was a child and had her first official assignment as a 2-year-old.

That Victoria treats the children differently to some extent is clear. This has also been noted by Rania Shemoun Olsson, who followed the royal family during the year.

The difference between Estelle and Oscar

Once again, the royal family’s years will be summed up in the TV4 documentary Kungahuset with Rania in the lead.

Already now she can reveal details about what we will see – including cute moments with Estelle and Oscar:

– We were in Hagaparken when the children ran on Pep Day and there I got an interview with Prince Daniel and the Crown Princess.

– Both children participated and competed. It’s great fun watching them interact with their parents.

At the same time, Rania emphasizes that the Crown Princess couple are frugal when it comes to showing the children.

However, because of Estelle’s future role as queen, she is still highlighted more than little brother Oscar:

– Estelle is more involved, of course, because she is our future regent. For example, we were there when she inaugurated the natural park Tåkerns outside Linköping.

– We didn’t get to chat with Estelle, but she was in a corner. As I said, they are very restrictive with how much the children are seen.

Special day for Princess Estelle

Estelle’s inauguration of Tåkern’s ten-year anniversary this summer was actually a very special mission for the princess.

After all, it took place in the duchy of Östergötland, where Estelle had her first official mission ever.

In connection with Estelle’s return visit, the court’s information manager Margareta Thorgren said the following to Svensk Damtidning:

– It was 10 years ago that Princess Estelle received her christening gift, a fairytale trail at Tåkern, from her duchy, Östergötland.

– This is therefore a small anniversary that the princess participates in, together with her parents.

Princess Estelle

Princess Estelle handled the inauguration like a pro!

Photo: TT

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