"The difference of Colo Colo is so much that the feeling of classic is lost"

This Sunday Colo Colo will have to visit the El Teniente de Rancagua Stadium to face Universidad de Chile for a new edition of the Chilean soccer Superclásico. The game is scheduled for 4:30 p.m.

A match that paralyzes Chile and that Colo Colo will seek to ratify this great undefeated that he has with the archrival. As it is the previous week, all the football programs are already beginning to beat this meeting.

Just on ESPN they talked about what the game will be this Sunday and Dante Poli was blunt when referring to this Superclásico. “I tell you one thing, the difference is so great, from the statistics and the records, that it is already losing this classic feeling, although those of the U get mad at me”, express.

He further added that, “For me and being super respectful, each one lives it from his place, but one no longer comes saying” there is, the competitive thing, is a classic and anyone can win it because in reality the table does not matter “, but no, no It doesn’t matter, because Colo Colo has been winning it for a long time, a long time ago “.

Superclassic between Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile

To finish, Danti Poli reiterated that the essence of the classic has been lost a bit. “The difference is so great that for me that of Superclásico and the classic is being lost”, he sentenced.

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