The directory defines: Crucial hours are coming for the renovation of Leonardo Gil in Colo Colo

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Today the board of directors of Blanco y Negro meets to discuss how to operate the contract renewal of the Argentine midfielder.

Leo Gil has been one of the good figures of the Cacique in this 2021.
© UNO Agency.Leo Gil has been one of the good figures of the Cacique in this 2021.

The teleserie around the renewal of Leonardo Gil in Colo Colo enters decisive chapters on this Wednesday day, since this afternoon the board of directors of Black and White will meet to discuss the steps to follow to keep him on the team.

Adrián Castellano, player representative, awaits the response of the Alba leadership for its continuity, which has not yet been able to agree so that the Colo continues to be albo.

In case there is no response from the dealership, the steering wheel representative will start listening to offers from other clubsYes, all thinking of being able to locate Gil in some other market.

On the part of the player it began to transcend that He has already communicated to his colleagues that his continuity is complicated, so the possibility that we can be watching their last matches in Colo Colo is real.

The negotiation continues and it remains to wait for the response of the Cacique’s leadership on this day. The great challenge of 2022 will be to play the Copa Libertadores and for that Gustavo Quinteros has Colo Gil as the number placed in his starting team.

Leonardo Gil has played 34 games with the Colo Colo jersey in this 2021, scoring nine goals and winning the Chile Cup.

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