The DOM promotes the history and development of the country with large-scale projects

A series of development projects carried out by the Government of President Nayib Bukele, through the Directorate of Municipal Works, is promoting development like never before in communities ignored for decades.

“As a population we have to be pleased, this has marked history. The DOM has marked history in the communities, doing what the mayors did not do before”, Alexis Escalante, mayor of the municipality of El Paraíso, department of Chalatenango, highlighted.

He stressed that the new stage that the country is experiencing, with the coordinated work between the Government, the mayors’ offices and the new Legislative Assembly, is facilitating the execution of works that are changing the lives of thousands of people.

For the mayor of Guazapa José Héctor Salguero, from the department of San Salvador, the Municipal Works Directorate created by President Bukele “It is a very big project, a country project, so it is a blessing to have the president”he added.

The mayor of Colón, from the department of La Libertad, Noé Rivera stressed that the Government is changing history from the communities that in the past never had adequate planning in their projects, which put their inhabitants in danger.

“Now you can see the difference with previous years where the president is changing history for many people,” added the mayor of the municipality of Oratorio de Concepción, in Cuscatlán, Melvin García.

An example of development projects is the National Patch Plan, with which many streets have been repaired or are in the process, said the mayor of Izalco, Sonsonate, Sergio Arias.

National Patching Plan.

These mayors met this Tuesday, September 20, with our executive director Álvaro O’Byrne to follow up on their projects presented to the DOM, which are in the process of being initiated.

This is part of heor what we do in the DOM, always receiving the mayors, being the technical arm of all the mayor’s offices throughout the country and always working together and coordinating all the projects that we are going to be carrying out in the territoryOr,” the official said.

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