The drug traffickers of the Second could be transferred to Chaco or Formosa

Tuesday, November 22, 2022 | 5:30 p.m.

Three weeks after the mega-operation of the Argentine National Gendarmerie that disrupted a drug organization that operated from the Second Police Station in Posadas, the detainees await news from the Justice to find out where they will be housed.

As reported by this media opportunely, the main people involved, Luis Enrique Ferreira (26) and Lucas Fabián Melo (21), who operated from the unit, were housed in a Corrientes Squad. Both are expected to be transferred to a federal prison as soon as slots become available.

As El Territorio learned, the possible destinations are in Chaco and Formosa. In detail, the options are the Roque Sáenz Peña Presidency Penal Colony, the Resistencia Penitentiary Unit 7 and the U-10 Federal prison in the capital of Formosa. However, as the days go by, everything can change.

What they pointed out from the federal force is that the federal prison of Candelaria would be ruled out, because slots are not easily released. Also because they are generally housed interns ready to leave.

In total, those involved in this case, in charge of the Federal Court of Posadas, are eleven, three of whom are women. Most of them were in Posadas Squadron 50, but they were distributed in different squadrons in the province such as San Ignacio, Bernardo de Irigoyen and Eldorado.

As reported by this outlet, the organization was engaged in the retail sale of narcotics in Posadas. Although they had a historical point of sale as a reference, “the Lucas kiosk” in Melo’s house, they also had soldiers who were dedicated to delivery and sale on the street, especially in the downtown and coastal area of ​​the provincial capital .

Melo’s home has two floors and is under construction. There they found more than 11 kilograms of marijuana and “remains” of cut buds and the plastics of the stamp that they put on the packages with the product. The site, in the middle of a narrow street/corridor, contrasts with the buildings that surround it.

It is estimated that the family SME sold more than 300 kilograms per week of marijuana alone. However, the offer included cocaine, pills and the house specialty, marijuana “churros”, which are nothing more than drug buds that are dried upside down and remain long.

Everything included a packaging with a decal that read “los cangris”, like the duo formed by Nicky Jam and Daddy Yankee.

The investigation included monitoring and wiretapping for several months by the National Gendarmerie. At one point, the investigations noticed that one of the actors they were following systematically went to the Second Police Station, located above Tambor de Tacuarí, so it didn’t take them long to realize that there could be something else.

Ferreira getting off the patrol car for the investigative hearing. Photo: Victor Paniagua

They continued deepening until they reached a line used by Ferreira, who is indicated in the investigation as the leader or organizer. “How much do you have?”, “No, no, take everything out because this week more will come in”, were some orders that came from there. He controlled sales and quantities constantly.

Later it was learned that these visits were to pay and organize the weekends in the business. For this, the figure of the detained police force is important, Sergeant Marcelo Sotelo, who was always on duty and with whom the drug traffickers negotiated favors, according to the investigations.

The cash is now housed in a police unit, under the protection of the Misiones Police.

Ferreira dominated everything that happened at the police station at will and flaunted it in the phone calls they received from other prisons to their phones. Precisely from Candelaria or Chaco, his possible destination, were the places from where he received calls. He said that he was the owner of the place, that he was as he wanted and even invited to pass if they wished.

It was reconstructed, the investigators said, that he managed to enter meat for barbecues -which were made on the beach-, delivery of anything, alcoholic beverages and drugs, all with the prior payment of the bribe, which was negotiated with the cash involved.

Particularly there was a “party Friday”, which meant that I was going to enter a tub of ice cream with a false bottom loaded mostly with cocaine.

However, the party was not only held behind bars. The investigations were able to confirm that the brothers-in-law went out -alone or together- nine times, although it is believed that they were more. Everything is recorded through security cameras after the collaboration of the 911 line. Obviously they did not have judicial authorization to do so.

The reconstructed routine indicates that they left the police station where they were detained between 9 and 10 pm and returned around 4 in the morning. They would go out “for a party” along the Posadeña Costanera and tour the city with a trusted driver. Once they even had to look for Ferreira because he had too much to drink and didn’t come back.

For all this, some mentions -although not direct- in the listening and the analysis of the patrimony of the police chiefs, it seems impossible to think that they never found out what happened. For this reason, although they are not detained, the head and second of the Second, Héctor Penzotti (42) and Claudio Rodríguez (42), respectively, were charged and their cell phones were seized.

In addition to the Mayor’s Office for Women, the property also operates the Directorate of Dangerous Drugs, that is, the Police unit that fights against drug trafficking.

With all this, and given the information of a possible leak of the investigation, the authorities of the Federal Court of Posadas and the Federal Prosecutor’s Office Two ordered the raids, which took place at dawn on Wednesday the 2nd of this month.

Federal prisoners, a problem

From the Ministry of Government and the Misiones Police Headquarters they indicated that they were aware of the investigations and that they made themselves available to the intervening authorities.

After it was revealed that two drug traffickers managed the sale of drugs from Posadas, a request that has been going on for many years and that is the difficulty of housing detainees for federal crimes, which is becoming more and more, was highlighted again.

They point out that a single federal penal unit in the province is insufficient considering that the province is a key point in the drug trafficking structures as it borders Brazil and Paraguay.

As this media opportunely reported, instead of the chiefs allegedly involved in the maneuver, Commissioner Sergio Rubén Benítez and Deputy Commissioner Rosa Beatriz Dos Santos took over as chief and second chief of the police station.

In addition, the transfer of all police officers who served in the unit was determined.

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