The “Dry January”, or the one month alcohol-free challenge

Not a drop of alcohol for a month, it’s a challenge launched in Europe, and particularly in France. This challenge starts this January 1st.

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Un months without drinking a drop of alcohol. For all volunteers, the “Dry January” begins this Saturday.

Launched for the third consecutive year in France, on the model of similar operations in the Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian world, the “Dry January” operates on a simple principle: do not drink alcohol during the entire month of January.

This is a good time to take a break, after holidays often marked by heavy alcohol consumption. But the goal is not only to rest your body, it is to realize for yourself what changes in a daily life without alcohol.

“The idea is to try to take this break, but the campaign is not at all judgmental: everyone can try to measure their relationship to alcohol during that month”, explains Ms. Rambaud, fearing however, a difficult context with the covid-19 pandemic which continues in an anxiety-provoking atmosphere.

This type of campaign is proving more and more effective in the field of public health. Instead of emphasizing the risks represented by a substance – here alcohol – we stress the advantages of slowing down its consumption. Participants are also energized by a challenge that brings together many people at the same time.

“Many people who take this break then continue” to consume less alcohol, reports Ms. Rambaud, on the basis of studies carried out in Anglo-Saxon countries.

“It launches a momentum,” she insists.

It is the same principle as the “Tobacco-free month”, launched each year in the fall, with a small nuance: the Dry January does not aim to definitively encourage total abstinence.

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