The Dyson V10 Origin is better value for money with €100 off

A specialist in vacuuming for many years, Dyson has designed a large number of versatile and powerful vacuum cleaners. Some less recent references are now more accessible, such as the V10 Origin, which today goes from 429 euros to 330 euros on the Carrefour site.


Updated on 09/19/2022: The offer is unfortunately already out of stock.

Original article: To expedite the cleaning chore as quickly as possible, there are of course robot vacuum cleaners, but vacuum brooms have demonstrated their interest thanks to their maneuverability and power. The references offered by Dyson are among the most recommended, including the old ones, which are almost as versatile as the recent ones. This is particularly the case with the Dyson V10 Origin, which currently benefits from a reduction of almost 100 euros.

The strengths of the Dyson V10 Origin

  • A very handy vacuum cleaner
  • Precise cleaning of all floors
  • Autonomy of 60 minutes

Initially displayed at 429 euros, the Dyson V10 Origin vacuum broom is now offered at 330 euros on the Carrefour site, if and only if you select home delivery or pick-up point.

Much more practical suction

Like the other models of the British brand, the Dyson V10 Origin has a wireless stick format which makes it ultra handy, whether you want to vacuum the floor, high furniture or even the ceiling. It will also transform into a hand-held vacuum cleaner in a single gesture if necessary. And to make it work, nothing could be simpler: a pressure on the trigger is enough to make the machine work, and to stop it very easily during short breaks. No need to plug in a plug to start it, as is particularly the case for so-called “sled” vacuum cleaners.

The Dyson V10 also comes with several accessories, such as a long crevice tool to clean narrow spaces and a Motorbar brush which notably quickly sucks up pet hair.

A good suction capacity over 60 minutes

Regarding its performance, the Dyson V10 Origin delivers good power, even if it naturally cannot be at the level of the brand’s more powerful models. We will still be entitled to an engine that reaches 125,000 revolutions per minute, which will be more than enough to vacuum all the floors in your home. Three modes will be available, from the most powerful to the least powerful, depending on the amount of dirt to be vacuumed. This vacuum cleaner also incorporates a 14-cyclone filtration system to capture particles such as pollen and bacteria, which will greatly relieve allergy sufferers, who will then be able to enjoy cleaner air. The V10 Origin also has a drain system that allows you to quickly and in a single gesture expel the dust collected in the 0.80 liter tank without getting your hands dirty.

Finally, on the autonomy side, the Dyson V10 Origin is capable of operating for 60 minutes by activating the standard mode, which is the least powerful, depending on the brand. Once the cleaning session is over, all you have to do is hook the broom to its wall-mounted docking station. On the charging side, it will take 3h30 for the V10 Origin to completely fill its battery.

The other option: the robot vacuum cleaner

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