The economic agenda promoted by Massa in Congress

A money laundering for construction, the agro-industrial law, the new automotive regime, tax issues that link future DNU and other initiatives were added to the requests of the new Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, to the legislative agenda of Congress.

“We are going to promote through DNU regimes for agribusiness, mining, hydrocarbons and knowledge economy. We are going to wait for the tax chapter to be dealt with by Congress”, said Massa, who left the presidency of Deputies in the hands of Cecilia Moreau.

In this frame, there are some projects that are already more than advanced in Congress. By case, Deputies have already approved and the Senate has already ruled the reactivation, for one year, of the laundering sanctioned in 2021 destined for private work, which is pushed by Massa and the head of the PRO, Cristian Ritondo. The initiative grants broad tax benefits and imposes on those admitted that, from the date of entry of the law and until after 90 days, they must pay an aliquot of 5%; from there to another 90 days, 10%; and from that term and up to 180 days later, 20%.

Another project that has been delayed is the agro-industrial law, which seeks greater industrialization in agricultural activity to export with greater added value, through the incorporation of investments and greater technology (seeds, fertilizers and genetics, among others). Both Massa and Cristina de Kirchner met with interested entities, but the law was never passed.

For its part, Deputies approved and turned over to the Senate the project to promote investments in the automotive, auto parts industry and its value chainsent by the Executive Branch, which provides tax benefits for the auto parts sector and the integration of local components.

Finallyanother initiative mentioned by Massa is the “Modern Biotechnology Development and Production Regime”, also voted by the lower house. The problem is that the Senate has its own agenda that pushes Christianity and it will be seen, from next week, the harmony with the new Minister of Economy. In the last hours, in the Upper House the Fiscal Consensus of the end of last year was rushed, which will allow the increase of provincial taxes.

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