The election of directors advances without the endorsement of the TEPJF

The election of directors advances without the endorsement of the TEPJF

Martha Martinez/Reformation Agency

Saturday, March 18, 2023 | 2:18 p.m.

Mexico City- Without complying with the ruling of the Electoral Tribunal, which ordered it to guarantee that the INE presidency will be held by a woman, the election process for four electoral advisers is advancing in the Chamber of Deputies.

On March 16, the Technical Committee that evaluates the profiles of the candidates, announced the names of the 92 finalists -46 men and 46 women-, who will be interviewed until next Wednesday, with the purpose of contributing more elements of suitability.

Among them are Bertha María Alcalde Luján, sister of the Secretary of Labor, Luisa María Alcalde and daughter of the former president of the National Council of Morena, Bertha Luján, Lulisca Zircey Bautista, adviser at the INE and wife of the undersecretary of Sedatu, Daniel Octavio Fajardo, Selene Lucía Vázquez, a Morena militant and sister of Senator Antares Vázquez, as well as Netzaí Sandoval, brother of the former Secretary of Public Administration, Irma Eréndira Sandoval.

Once the interviews are complete, on March 22, the Technical Committee will have two days to announce the names of the best-evaluated candidates and, no later than March 26, they must send quintets to the Political Coordination Board.

In accordance with the call issued last February, the Committee must prepare three quintets for the same number of electoral advisers, of which two will be made up only of men and one only of women, while the fourth, to elect the next president of the INE , must be made up of two people of one gender and three of the other, without specifying which one in each case.

On February 22, the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary ordered the Chamber of Deputies to modify for the second time the call for the election of electoral advisers, by establishing that this last quintet must be made up only of women, in order to comply with the principle of parity and alternation within the electoral body.

A few days after the Technical Committee sends the quintets to the Jucopo, the sentence has not been complied with by the Chamber of Deputies, which continues the process of renewing directors with the call issued last February, arguing that excluding men who seek the presidency of the INE would violate the rights they acquired at the time of registering in the process.

Once the quintets have been delivered to Jucopo, it must promote the construction of agreements for the renewal of the four spaces that will remain vacant in the General Council of the INE as of April 3, which must be sent to the Board of Directors at no later than March 29.

One day later, the plenary session of San Lázaro will have to meet, to vote on the proposal of the Board, which requires a qualified majority, that is, the approval of two thirds of the deputies present.

In the event that this vote is not reached, on March 31 the Chamber of Deputies must make the election of electoral advisers through insaculation.

Only in a scenario in which the plenary session of San Lázaro could not meet, the insaculation would be carried out by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation on April 3.

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