The emotion of Bárbara Sandoval to arrive at Colo Colo

Colo Colo female prepares for what will be his first leg of the quarterfinals against Catholic University and the coach Luis Mena you can count on a new player. This, because the Venezuelan defender Bárbara Sandoval.

The “Llanera” was the reinforcement that the coach was waiting for so much to reinforce the Cacique’s back and thus, go with everything in the search for the title and this Thursday, the young player was presented.

“I feel content and happy after a long time of waiting. I was eager to get there and play. I am very happy and happy to be here. I want to do my best to the max “Sandoval said in his presentation.

“I’m excited to get to the best team in Chile. What better than to be here, I hope it will be for a long time. What better way to start my career with Colo Colo “, added the player.

Regarding the reception that the team gave him and especially, the coach Luis Mena, said that “the teacher has received me in the best way. I want to learn a lot from him. I want to grow in this important pass of my career “.

Finally, she referred to the fact that one of her wishes is to be considered in the Venezuelan national team and that for the same reason, she chose Colo Colo to continue her career.

The player will use number 3. (Photo: Sebastián Órdenes / Colo Colo)

“I hope they give me the opportunity to represent my country. I hope to be called up to the national team soon,” she concluded.

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