The emotional request that Morales received in the prelude to Colo Colo vs Cobresal

Iván Morales is having the best season of his career and is the scorer for Colo Colo, making great presentations in the 2021 National Championship and in the Chile Cup. This great performance led Tanquecito to be nominated for the Chilean team for the elimination round.

And days ago, the forward born in the lower divisions of the Cacique received a special request. Through the Instagram page called “The Arenga of the Grandfather”, a fan asked that they send an emotional request to the attacker albo.

It is about Marcos, a young man from Punta Arenas who was going to travel with Milton Pérez to the game against Brazil at the Monumental Stadium. Unfortunately, his friend died days ago due to a traffic accident as a result of the driver being drunk.

In the message that Marcos sent to the page, he pointed out that “My dear friend was a fan of the national team, but especially of Colo Colo and especially, a very fan of Iván Morales. In fact, he celebrated too much and was very happy for Iván’s nomination for the triple date”.

He went on to say that “I tell all this, because I want to ask something from Iván Morales, who I know follows La Arenga del Abuelo and will see this message: I would like to ask him if he can dedicate a goal to my friend the next time he scores. A celebration for my friend Milton “.

“It would be a kind of consolation for his relatives and I am sure that my friend would be very happy, wherever he is”, the young man finished. And the letter reached our scorer, who commented: “What a great friend, I hope to fulfill this on Sunday”.

Check out the emotional letter:

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