The emotional tribute of Dragon Ball Super that made us remember a moment with which we all cried when Goku was a child

Dragon Ball treasures emotional moments in its extensive history since it appeared on television in the mid-1980s. But the most nostalgic of all, without a doubt, is the encounter between Goku and his grandfather Gohan.

Since Gohan’s death at the hands of Goku when he became Ozaru, the little boy with a tail had not had contact with his grandfather again. But thanks to Uranai Baba, both reaped a new and magnificent encounter.

Goku was fighting his grandfather in Master Roshi’s sister’s tournament and at one point he was able to capture his movements and recognized him. And with that they gave us a moment with which all of us, when we were children, cried with emotion.

Grandpa Gohan was Goku’s first teacher. He was also responsible for integrating the values ​​of justice and kindness that we know today in the Saiyan raised on Earth. Unintentionally, that old man from Mount Paoz was training the most important hero on the planet.

Dragon Ball Super did not forget

In a review by colleagues at FreeGameTipsremember an emotional detail that Dragon Ball Super had with that iconic moment.

We all thought that Goku was training, but in reality, the adult Saiyan was recreating that fight with his grandfather. Every movement, jump, kick or punch is identical to every situation in that fight that left him marked.

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