The end of Peaky Blinders upset Internet users

Netflix subscribers were blown away by the finale of Peaky Blinders, whose final season was put online on June 10 on the platform. The emotion was obviously in order for many Internet users.

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End clap for Peaky Blinders. The cult series created by Steven Knight and carried by Cillian Murphy, who interprets the role of the clan leader Thomas “Tommy” Shelby, bid farewell on Netflix. The sixth and final season of British fiction was indeed put online on June 10 on the streaming platform. Peaky Blinders was entitled to a gripping finalewhich ends the adventures of the Shelby clan in style (in the form of a series, at least). Warning, spoilers! If a good part of this very last season focuses on the imminent death of Tommy Shelby, convinced that he is in terminal stage of a tuberculoma diagnosed by Dr. Holford, amazing twists and turns come as you approach the final episode, entitled “Lock and Key” (“Vagrants and Thieves” in VF). A final which is moreover “live up to the promise”, according to our journalist Stéphanie Fuzeau. And Netflix subscribers obviously agree with this analysis, both the end of Peaky Blinders touched them.

“Without false note”

“What a series and what a crazy season 6!”exclaimed a surfer on Twitter, for whom Tommy Shelby is one of the best tv characters and one of the best written in history”. “The end of Peaky Blinders is just amazing. I dropped my little tearmoved another Twittos, while another wrote: “The last episode of Peaky Blinders is just masterfulAt any point of view.” crying on the train before the last episode of Peaky Blinders“, “Not easy to close such a masterful frescoyet the series falls pretty much on its feet at the end”, “The final episode of Peaky Blinderscrazy masterclass“, “Peaky Blinders ends absolutely brilliantly and without false note”, “The last episode of Peaky BlindersFantastic, truly a masterpiece from start to finishcan we also read on the social network at the blue bird.

A film to close the story

There is no doubt that the fans of the series now feel a lack since the broadcast of the last season. However, this last round of episodes does not sign the end of this story. In effect, another chapter will complete the adventure of Peaky Blindersnot in the form of a season 7, but in that of a feature film. On the other hand, fans will have to be patient, because this spin-off is not about to arrive in dark rooms! In a recent interview with Deadlinelead actor Cillian Murphy revealed that he didn’t know “really nothing” film at the moment, and that he hadn’t even received a script yet. “I would be as thrilled as anyone to read this script,” he nevertheless assured, even if he is satisfied to be able to do “A short break”. Hopefully it won’t be too long though…

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