The end of the iPod era: Apple is retiring the last touch model

After 20 years, Apple is shelving the last iPod model. Production of the iPod Touch is discontinued and the music player in the outdated iPhone design is only available while stocks last. Apple last laid hands on the 7th generation three years ago.

With the words “The music lives on” Apple is retiring the iPod Touch, which was the last quasi-MP3 player in the manufacturer’s portfolio. Although the seventh generation of the Touch model also jumped on the music streaming bandwagon, Apple’s production no longer seems worthwhile due to steadily declining sales figures. Most recently, the iPod Touch was of particular interest to families with small children, in order not to equip them directly with an iPhone, but to enable them to take advantage of the App and iTunes stores.
Apple iPod generations

The Last Days of the iPod Touch

According to Apple, the remainder of the iPod Touch should continue to be sold through its own store and those of partners, the production lines are already standing still. However, finding the once popular MP3 player on Apple’s website is comparatively difficult. The iPod only plays a role here in the footer of the website. about the direct link you get to the product page, which shows the model, which was last updated in May 2019, in six colors at a price of at least 229 euros.

Apple fans will hardly miss the iPod Touch due to its visual similarity to the iPhone and iPad. Rather, the manufacturer’s community looks nostalgically back to the beginnings of the MP3 player with click wheel and the transition to the iPod Mini, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. In the meantime, music and, above all, streaming via Apple Music and Co. has arrived on all Apple devices. However, it is interesting that a comparatively large number of citizens in Germany still have a classic MP3 player. Even if the downward trend is clearly recognizable.

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