The enigma of the mummy of Guano, one of the most famous in Ecuador: its identity is not yet known

Until now, it was believed that the mummy Guano, one of the best known in Ecuador, had been the Spanish friar Lázaro de Santofimia. Nevertheless, a new analysis of the clothes on the body showed that this person could not have lived in the 16th century.

The INPC (National Institute of Cultural Heritage) of Ecuador took samples of the clothing with which the body was buried to extend the studies carried out last decade by National Geographic. According to the archaeologist María Ordóñez, who participated in this new investigation, the clothes of the mummy It’s important because “the way it’s done speaks a lot about the historical moment”.

The body was buried in the walls of the Asunción convent and was mummified naturally.

That historical moment is not the 16th century, in which “Saint Lazarus” lived, as the friar is popularly known. The garments were cotton and some were machine the person in question lived “in a period in which a certain textile industry is already beginning”, according to Ordóñez. In addition, the DNA analyzes of the mummy They found that the person had European and indigenous ancestry, something that would also rule out the Spanish friar.

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