The enigmatic message of César Pinares by cahuín of a “love triangle” that involves Martín Rodríguez

The tail blows continue after the cahuín that was armed during the last hours in the cyberworld, which pointed directly to César Pinares and Martín Rodríguez, colleagues in the Altay Spor of Turkey.

The rumors began last Monday, when some assured that the Chilean players fell out over their supposed “love triangle”. Specifically, the former UC soccer player was linked to the former Colo Colo’s wife.

For the same reason, both involved did not hold and came out of one to deny the situation. “It is difficult to understand so much evil in some subjects, with the sole purpose of doing harm without caring about anything. Inventing a lie to harm another person, “wrote Pinares on the virtual platform.

But that’s not all, as the former UC warned that he could take legal action against those responsible for disclosing said information.

“If there is something in the law that I can do so that it does not go unnoticed and they do not do it again with anyone else. They feel they have the right to kill a public person just because, ”he said.

For its part, the “Tin” also denied the cahuín. “I don’t know why people believe something without even finding out first.. Social networks have become a refuge for people who lead a life full of hatred inside, “he added.

And now, who again raised his voice was Pinares himself, who shared some enigmatic messages through his Instagram stories.

The messages of Pinares

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