The EU must not give in to the irresponsible

Basically, Brexit is a clear issue. The rules for this have been lashed down in years of meticulous work. The fact that London is now rekindling the dispute over the borders in Northern Ireland is completely incomprehensible and raises very fundamental questions. Are the British negotiators really that amateurish and short-sighted or just ruthlessly concerned with their own political success?

The call to renegotiate the entire protocol in principle and to remove the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice for Northern Ireland is a bottomless provocation. Under no circumstances will the Commission in Brussels surrender sovereignty over the internal market. It was clear from the start that the regulation that was reached required a great deal of responsibility and a large portion of pragmatism on both sides. It was difficult for everyone to accept that Northern Ireland, as a British part of the country, would continue to be part of the European internal market even after it left.

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It is significant that the demand that is now on the table is formulated by the very man who largely negotiated the Northern Ireland Protocol for London. The British Brexit Minister David Frost steered into this confrontation with obvious eyesight. London was determined to sell the conclusion of the negotiations to its own people as a success. The situation is made completely bizarre by the fact that the British are now blaming the EU for the breach of treaty and at the same time blaming it for a possible escalation of violence in Northern Ireland.

London has finally discredited itself as a serious partner

The intention of the government in London is clear: it wants to serve the sentiments of the nationalists. In addition, those responsible for Brexit want to distract from the serious problems in their own country, the empty supermarket shelves and the problems with fuel supplies.

Basically, London has finally discredited itself as a serious partner, but the European Union will have to continue negotiating. Brussels has now taken a small step towards the British, they cannot expect more. The EU must be prepared for Britain to unilaterally revoke the Northern Ireland Protocol. This means that the Union will then have to impose punitive tariffs on British goods and services in return.

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London seems convinced that Brussels will buckle and will not dare to take this momentous step. The calculation is obvious: those responsible in the Commission will accept the breach of treaty because they do not want to endanger the unstable peace in Northern Ireland with an impending trade war. But the European Union must not give in in this case if it does not want to damage its credibility and thus itself in the long term. Brussels must show the irresponsible tactics on the island that they have miscalculated this time.

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