The euphoric celebration of Arturo Vidal after Rodelindo’s victory

This Sunday the Rodelindo Román of Arturo Vidal faced Lautaro de Buin at the Manuel Rojas del Río Municipal Stadium, within the framework of the tenth day of the Second Division Championship.

In a tight match, the San Joaquín commune team started at a disadvantage thanks to the goal of a former Colo Colo player, Francisco Lara. However, in the final minutes the Rode managed to turn the commitment with a double from Fabián Bustos, at 74 ‘and 87’.

With this result, King Arturo’s team achieved its second consecutive victory and reached 10 units, standing in the eighth place in the standings of the Second Division.

The happiest for the victory of Rodelindo Román was Arturo Vidal, who from his home in Italy celebrated with all the triumph of his team. Y This was demonstrated through two stories on his Instagram account.

In both the tie, the one formed in the Cacique was expectant after the goalkeeper covered the penalty, however, he left the rebound and Bustos sent the ball to the back of the net, causing the joy of Vidal who pointed out “Great goal, dad, great goal. Come on Rodelindo, damn it ”.

Later, he shared his celebration at the moment of the goal that gave his team the victory. “Great goal, 2 to 1, great goal”, and then give your television a few taps. Furthermore, he wrote: “Excellent fucking win. +3 shit”.

Check out Arturo Vidal’s celebration:

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