The event on the church hill! The king gave his friend a cold hand – above all

After the Lettström scandal in 2011, the king terminated his acquaintance with his childhood friend. At Torgils Bonde’s funeral, Carl Gustaf showed that he stands by his word. Here an eyewitness tells what happened.

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In November 2010, the scandal book “The Reluctant Monarch” (Lind & Co) was published. It claimed that King Carl XVI Gustaf had had an affair with the artist Camilla Henemark and in addition, information about the powerful men in his closest circle of acquaintances had gone to porn clubs and engaged in rampant partying with, what the book was called, “coffee girls ”.

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– Now we turn the pages and move on, the king said in an interview directly from the forest during the annual moose hunt.

Many in the king’s circle of acquaintances were questioned and one of the party poles that was most described was Anders Lettström. The king’s friend for many years.

The royal family was in crisis in 2010

In 2010 and 2011, the royal family, and the entire monarchy, were in a difficult crisis.

The tours around “The Reluctant Monarch” were thus not the end of history and the following year, in the spring of 2011, the so-called Lettström scandal erupted. It was then discovered that Anders Lettström, in an attempt to save the situation, had had dubious contacts with the underworld.

Information said that Anders Lettström had contacted a mafia member in an attempt to find out what kind of pictures the main source in the book claimed to have of the king and the gang of friends. Party pictures that would be proof of the whole story with the coffee girls.

Finally, Anders felt compelled to issue a press release in May 2011 in which he wrote:

“With this statement I want to apologize to my family, all my friends and not least the King for being harmed by my very own initiative… I am deeply unhappy that I started contacts with less serious and criminally charged people due to the book “The reluctant monarch”… What I sought was to understand how so many lies about me and others could be spread in a book. Others have since wanted me to buy pictures I did not know, did not see and did not want to buy and to get me to pay for denials of false statements that I never dreamed of buying “

Now the whole monarchy began to be questioned. The fact that the king’s close friends associated with serious criminal elements was immediately considered dangerous to society. And for Queen Silvia, the measure was high. The storm subsided after a while but at the end of May the king also came with a statement, regarding Anders Lettström:

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– I completely distance myself from his actions and thus also from our acquaintance.

When asked about a possible future forgiveness, Carl Gustaf answered:

– Before death sometime, maybe. He’s basically a nice person.

Anders Lettström’s words about the friendship with the king

The years went by and in an interview with Expressen 2017, Anders Lettström told about the broken contact:

– Noppe, Aje and I have hung out continuously. We have never been enemies. It is different for the king, whose wife has expressed views on who the king should associate with. In the royal family, it is as in all other families – the wife decides who the husband is to spend time with.

He also put in a bonfire:

– This means that we do not meet officially. There will be writings at once, and it is not me, the king or anyone else in the royal family served by.

Anders Lettström

After all these years – now the king and Anders Lettström have met again.

Karin Törnblom / TT

The last time the king and Silvia were at the funeral of another of Carl Gustaf’s old friends, Torgils Bonde, in Katarina’s church on June 13, the king clearly showed that he still stands by his words in the old TT interview. Because after the funeral, the king and Silvia stayed on the church hill for a while for the sake of the unusual. Anders Lettström and Christer Gustafsson were also among the mourners, but the king did not even look in their direction.

The incident on the church hill

– He did not visit them, did not even give them a look, which may seem a little strange because they have known each other for a very long time and know each other very well, says an eyewitness who was on site for Svensk Damtidning.

Photo: TT

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