The Everton formation that the Cacique will face

Colo Colo takes to the field to challenge Everton from Viña del Mar in the final of the Chile Cup, a trophy that albos and routers will put into game starting at 4:30 pm at the Fiscal Stadium in Talca.

The Cacique’s rival reached this very final of the Creole contest after eliminate Deportes Santa Cruz in the first phase, Universidad Católica in the round of 16, Ñublense in the quarterfinals and Coquimbo Unido in the round of the best four.

Roberto Sensini, coach of the Viñamarino team, has in mind a couple of changes compared to the team that drew 0-0 against Coquimbo Unido at Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso, giving entry to Christian Bravo and Mitchell Wassene to replace Rodrigo Díaz and Matías Leiva, respectively.

It is worth noting that Everton’s great figure, Panamanian striker Cecilio Waterman, will not play this afternoon being with his team at the beginning of the final octagonal of the Concacaf to qualify for the Qatar World Cup 2022.

Thus, the training of roulettes in Talca will be with Franco Torgnascioli in the bow; Denil Maldonado, Julio Barroso and Diego Oyarzún in defence; Cristopher Medina, Christian Bravo, Rodrigo Echeverría, Benjamín Berríos and Dylan Zúñiga in the middle of the court; Juan Cuevas and Mitchell Wassenne in attack.

Julio Barroso will say present in Everton this afternoon in Talca. | Photo: UNO Agency.

For its part, the eleventh dawn will be with Brayan Cortes under the three sticks; Óscar Opazo, Maximiliano Falcón, Emiliano Amor and Gabriel Suazo in defence; Vicente Pizarro, Leonardo Gil, Ignacio Jara and Joan Cruz in the middle of the court; Pablo Solari and Javier Parraguez up front.

It is played from 4:30 p.m. at the Talca Prosecutor under the arbitration of Piero Maza and you can follow LIVE and MINUTE BY MINUTE in DaleAlbo.

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