The exciting memory of Maradona from his son Diego Junior

Two years after the death of Diego Armando Maradona, his son Diego Junior was moved to remember him from Naples. In an exclusive note with C5N from Naples, Dieguito said: “Today is a very sad day, a day that I would erase from my life, a very ugly day. It reminds me of two years ago, a terrible day, we are here to make him proud of all of us, of the people, of me”.

The young man said that being in the different places where he is commemorated is “the least I can do is come here, leave him flowers and give him a kiss. When our father left, a great responsibility fell on us.”

And he concluded, moved: “It is fair that people remember him, because we are nobody. I remember him every day, talking to my children, telling them the truth, telling them about a grandfather who was always present when he could. Trying to make them proud of the grandfather they had.”

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