The exciting record of Gol de Costa’s cry with the fans

Colo Colo brought out his best possible version in the expected return of the Cacique fans to the Monumental Stadium after 525 days, beating Union Española 4-0 and taking a vital step to the final of the Chile Cup.

One of the good values ​​of Gustavo Quinteros’ team on the Monumental lawn was Gabriel Costa, who enrolled with the 3-0 transitory of the Cacique when stealing the ball in a bad exit of the Hispanic defense.

The goal was important for Costa, since It was the first one that made with the fanatic alba in the Monumental in the middle of his soccer rise of the hand of Quinteros in the benchThis after being almost relegated to insignificance with Gualberto Jara and Mario Salas at the time.

The celebration of both the Peruvian team was rescued by a fan of the Cacique in the Galvarino sector, precisely where Costa went to shout the goal next to the pennant of the corner kick.

The shouts of celebration and the joy of the goal They will be perfectly recorded, in an act that best illustrated the return of the fans to the Monumental after a year and a half Standby.

Colo Colo will return to the field for the 2021 National Championship, facing Sports Antofagasta at the Monumental Stadium this Saturday, August 21 from 4:30 p.m. by date 17 of the tournament.

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