The fans do not forget Julio Barroso and dedicated chants to him

Colo Colo lived a deja vú in the 2021 National Championship. The Cacique beat Everton de Viña del Mar 2-0, but this time in the tournament and not in the Chile Cup, in a match valid for Date 21.

Both games have been special for Julio Barroso, who is one of the last idols that the institution has had and who at the beginning of this season ended up leaving the club for the Valparaíso Region.

However, this match was even more exciting for two reasons. The first is due to his return to the Monumental stadium, while the second is due to the fact that there were people in the Ruca.

As expected, the colocolinos fans did not take long to make him feel affection with repeated chants at the beginning of the game. The same player greeted the fans from the field.

Now we will not see Julio Barroso against Colo Colo until the next tournament, so the chants towards the idol are even more justified. What did you think of this nice gesture from the fans?

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