The fear of Diego Leuco and his girlfriend, after their reunion in Qatar

One of the important points of this world cup is that it takes place in Qatar, a country in the Middle East that is recognized throughout the world for its very strict rules and punishments related to various issues that in the West are not only crimes, but They are the common denominator. Something related to this happened to Diego Leucowho inadvertently broke a host country rule along with his girlfriend.

It is that the journalist from Channel 13 traveled to the country of the World Cup to work in the same place where his partner Sofía Martínez was already, who is part of the transmission of the World Cup carried out by Public TV. After the arrival of Diego Leuco He went to the Qatari lands in search of his girlfriend and when he found her he hugged her and they walked like that for several blocks until they realized that they had broken a law because they cannot show signs of affection in public, such as kissing or hugging.

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