The festival of the ‘cult of pleasure’ Sicaliptico Fest returns to CDMX

Sicaliptic Fest 2022

Returns to CDMX Sicaliptic Fest 2022. Photo: Special

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Arrives Sicaliptic Fest 2022, the party of pleasure and sexuality where the knowledgeable public and the curious will be able to know something beyond sex and explore their sexual fantasies and taboos.

“One of the main objectives is to offer a different experience, to be part of the variety of night training for adults, positioning this festival as the most important fetish party in CDMX, generating a platform for the dissemination of fetish fashion, art and design. Just as some people travel to other countries for an electronic festival, we know that we can offer one more alternative to contribute to international tourism, just as it is experienced in some other places like Germany, Amsterdam or England.

“We want to promote diversity in inclusion within the party, which is why it is not only for couples and is not focused on any gender, it is a party with the cosmopolitan lifestyle that is lived in the area,” said the producer of the Roma-Condesa magazine, Berenice Pérez and the artistic directors Jorge Garibay and Deodato Samperio.

“Sicaliptico Fest Mexico City at a “Cult of Pleasure” party where unusual practices will be carried out within a safe space that will take place next Friday, November 25.

This party is dedicated to sex and is held throughout the year in different locations and seeks in each one that visitors live a unique and unrepeatable experience and offers them different atmospheres where they can explore their fetishes and fantasies either as a couple or individually. where spaces are also generated for the dissemination of products and services to enjoy the various sexual practices.

On this occasion Sicaliptic Fest 2022 is dedicated to the elves, nymphs and warlocks Representing the famous cult of grazing, it is a veneration of chaos practiced by the elves of both Ulthuan and Naggaroth, dedicated solely to the veneration of Slaanesh, the Chaos God of pleasure who originated in the time before the Elven civil war known as the Secession.

In this edition, the cult of pleasure reveals a part of the main strategies that are deployed in the battle, which is waged on many fronts: how to enjoy your sexuality between what is accepted and what is not accepted. And what is more important: the combat is waged in the hearts and minds of men; It is something that we will all face, sooner or later.

In this space themed elves, nymphs and warlocksthey will also enjoy music, dances, too suggestive and couples eager and curious to know this experience will be able to know the seduction games, whispers, looks and mixology that will create an ideal atmosphere to give free rein to desire.

It is important to mention that the location of this event is a mystery, because like each edition, those who subscribe to attend this event will receive a notification, in the style of “Eyes Wide Shut”, so for those who If you want to know more about this event, you can visit the following pages:

#PlacerSicaliptico #AniversarioSicaliptico

#HedonismoSicalìptico #EstoySicaliptico

Sicaliptico Fest of Rome-Countess – YouTube

And for those who want to attend this Sicaliptic Fest 2022 event, they can do so and buy their tickets at


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