The fever of Chaqueño Palavecino when the show was cut: "I won’t come back here anymore"

The Chaqueño Palavecino was one of the main attractions of the Festival that was held in the Salta town of Vaqueros, but his show began at 4 in the morning and lasted until 6:30, where he still wanted to sing for those who paid a ticket. to see.

But the organization of the event did not think the same and sent the security force to intimidate him on stage, which made the folklore singer furious: “I’m leaving. The policeman in charge here won. It’s okay. If they want to see me it will be somewhere else, I won’t go back to Cowboys anymore thanks to all of these. They send me to cut, I’m not a criminal. I am a people, brother”, which aroused applause in the public.

When he was leaving the Festival he spoke with Todo Salta Noticias, where he gave his version of what happened: “At the end it was cut off because the police chief came up. They send me late, so what does the mayor want? When I display what is mine as an artist, they give the order to cut it. He can’t get on stage like that, it’s like me getting into his police station”.

“They send me late and people pay the ticket, spend money to wait for me. I don’t know where to shoot. I will never go back to Cowboys this way. That’s it, I don’t have to give anything to anyone. It is a very beautiful city, but when you feel used it is ugly. Everything is fine with the mayor, but it doesn’t seem to me that the Police will come up and cut yours off when the people and the public are in charge”.

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