the field awaits "productive meetings" with Massa

Yesterday Serge Massa took over as minister of Economy, Agriculture Y Production, and the field asked that “productive meetings” be held and not meetings “for the photo”. At the same time, from the sector they declared that “an end to the internal ones” be put.

In this sense, the president of the Argentine Rural Society (SRA), Nicholas Pineindicated that he will evaluate “with the leaders of the other entities what determination will be made at the summons of the minister.”

According to NA, Pine tree He stressed that “what we do anticipate is that we do not want meetings for a photo, but productive meetings that touch on issues such as the opening of the meat export market and the elimination of trusts and balance volumes in the grain market.”

At the same time, the owner of the MRS he maintained that “in order to have effective results from these economic announcements, the Executive must understand that the sector is part of the solution to the country’s problems” and added that they can “produce more if the rules are clear and fair.” In turn, he added: “On the other hand, we hope that the new management of Agriculture is up to the circumstances in which we find ourselves.”

For his part, the president of Argentine Agrarian Federation (FAA), Carlos Achatoniindicated that “Argentina has been going through very critical situations, due to the instabilities generated by the ruling party itself,” and specified that they hope “that the new role of the brand-new minister can provide predictability inside and outside the country.”

In this way, he asked that “the economy can be redirected, so that the weakest of us do not continue to be affected, and that poverty does not continue to grow. Hopefully this will be the end of the inmates of the ruling front, and they can put manage and work for all Argentines”.

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