The figure of America that turns to a new project outside of TV

The figure of America that turns to a new project outside of TV

2023 began and there are already many television figures who are looking for new paths and options, in addition to being in front of the screen. One of the cases is that of María Belén Ludueña, a well-known host of America TVwho recently debuted with Luis Ventura with “Invasores de la TV”, but now decided to add a new project.

Through his Instagram account, the figure of the channel America TV He shared with his thousands of followers the news that he will join the Republica Z streaming platform with “Invincibles”, which consists of a talk with 5 women where each of them will tell their inspiring story.

“New testimonials, new stories, new obstacles. Invincible Women are coming with @mariabelenluduena, every Sunday at 7:00 p.m. on our YouTube channel,” they wrote from the República Z account, where the famous sign America TV It will show another facet in addition to television. Undoubtedly, a great challenge for the journalist.

Maria Belen Luduena.

“I had the intention of venturing into other platforms for a while. I think that streaming has changed entertainment consumption habits. Now, you have the option of selecting the content that best suits your interests in a simple way and with multiple possibilities. It seems to me that as a communicator I have to go in search of other audiences, “said the famous in a note with Teleshow.

The present of “TV Invaders”

The news and entertainment cycle on the nights of America that debuted on January 2 of this year, starring Luis Ventura and María Belén Ludueña, underwent some changes due to competition in the time slot with “Big Brother”, the most viewed cycle, currently.

Maria Belen Ludueña and Luis Ventura.

Now that the Telefe program that has millions of viewers attached to the screen is coming to an end, Fernando Dente will arrive on América TV with “Noche al Dente” and it will be a great challenge for Ventura and Ludueña, since they will go to the 11 p.m. . Undoubtedly, a year with many movements in the channel.

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