The fire on the Seveso site of the Safran group in Bas-Rhin extinguished

This is the second incident on a Seveso site in two days. The fire that broke out on the night of Wednesday to Thursday August 4 on an industrial site of Safran Landing Systems in Molsheim (Bas-Rhin), classified Seveso “high threshold”has been extinguished, the prefecture announced in a statement.

” No casualties were reported “ and “the measurements taken by the firefighters on the site confirm at this stage a residual and non-hazardous distribution of products outside the site”said the prefecture of Bas-Rhin.

“Measurements will continue within the framework of an enlarged perimeter in order to confirm these elements”she said, however.

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On Wednesday, eight people, including one in a ” critical state “ were injured by “several explosions” on the Eurenco blowing site in Bergerac (Dordogne), Seveso classified “high threshold”. Seveso sites are classified according to two levels of risk, high threshold and low threshold, depending on the quantity of hazardous materials present.

Chromic acid and hydrocyanic acid

The building hit overnight in Molsheim “Holds different chemicals, including chromic acid and hydrocyanic acid”according to the authorities.

Nearly 90 firefighters and 45 vehicles were deployed, managing to control and extinguish the fire.

A departmental operational center was activated in the prefecture while the specific intervention plan was immediately launched with the deployment of an operational command post near the site.

Equipment production center

On Twitter, the SDIS 67 called on the population not to go there while the fire was raging: “Fire in progress rue Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in Molsheim, avoid the area and facilitate access for emergency services”.

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The closure of the sector by the police was partially lifted in the early morning, noted an AFP journalist.

The aeronautics and defense group Safran indicates on the internet that its Molsheim site is a production center for wheels, brakes and equipment for hydraulic braking and landing systems. He also maintains these systems, and large landing gear, he says.

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