The fire service: – Throw away your mobile phone and follow the kids

It has been a busy weekend for rescue crews around the country.

On Saturday, two people died at sea in Møre og Romsdal and a child received life-saving first aid after a drowning accident in Oslo. No later than Sunday night, five people were injured in a boat accident outside Kragerø.

The Oslo Fire and Rescue Service will now warn people who will be staying by and in water in the summer weather.

– When the heat comes and more people go out to the water, there is also a high risk that we will have accidents and risk accidents, says Sigurd Folgerø Dalen, communications manager at the Oslo Fire and Rescue Service.

COMMON SENSE: You should have great respect for water, says communications manager Sigurd Folgerø Dalen in the Oslo fire and rescue service. Photo: TV 2

– Watch!

Folgerø Dalen believes it is important to remember that accidents can happen anywhere, whether you are staying by a lake, river or pond.

Both adults and children are at risk of falling out and must therefore be careful and attentive.

It is especially important that parents monitor children near water.

– Parents must never let go of their kids’ eyes. Throw away your mobile and follow the kids, it’s done so fast! says Folgerø Dalen.

– You can check the football results later.

The Oslo Fire and Rescue Service also says that children must wear life jackets when they are by the water. But that does not mean that parents can let children run free on their own.

– There may be cases with electricity, water flows where people can disappear further or below, and then the life jacket is not enough. You have to be close and keep an eye, especially with children, says Folgerø Dalen.

Alcohol and bathing

It is also important to investigate ground conditions before jumping or plunging into water, Folgerø Dalen points out. He emphasizes that this is people’s own responsibility.

This also applies when it comes to alcohol and swimming, because many people gather to drink and enjoy a little extra with a bath in fine weather.

– When people are drunk and in addition may not be so good at swimming, then drowning cases are imminent, says Folgerø Dalen.

The head of communications also reminds that it is important that the public calls 110 as soon as possible in case of suspicion of drowning.

– Water should be extremely respected, no matter what, he says.

Folgerø Dalen also emphasizes that he thinks it is great that people bathe and enjoy the summer.

– But do it with common sense. And never let go of children who are in the water.

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