The first goal was before the match: The cheer with which Colo Colo began to win the Superclásico against the U in Talca

The match, being played in the Maule Region, made it necessary to vary the concentration sectors for both teams a little. That was where the Cacique began to forge the victory by anticipating what was planned.

The Cacique stayed with the 192 edition of Chilean football.
© William Salazar.The Cacique stayed with the 192 edition of Chilean football.

Colo Colo continued with that healthy habit of beating Universidad de Chile in the Superclásicos, winning edition 192 after winning 3-1 at the Fiscal Stadium in Talca thanks to a brace from Juan Martín Lucero and another goal from Leonardo Gil.

With this victory, those led by Gustavo Quinteros managed to add three gold points that allow them to stretch the lead, especially considering that the closest escorts lost 20 of the 2022 National Championship on this date.

Nevertheless, this new dawn victory over the blues began to take shape long beforein the week prior to the initial whistle by referee Piero Maza.

It all started when it was finally confirmed that the game was going to be played at the Fiscal Stadium in Talca, This after an exhausting search by the U for a city that wants to receive them to act as a local and even a hand from the ANFP to receive them.

When the Maule Region venue was ratified, one of the measures required so that whites and blues could play was for the Cacique to concentrate in Curicó, 67.1 km away from the Talca Prosecutor, which translated into an hour of travel to reach to the stadium.

That was where in the corridors of the Monumental they were ahead of the game, since knowing that there were several possible venues where to play, it was decided to make reservations at different hotels in Chile. Thus, Colo Colo had saved a hotel in Concepción, Chillán and even in Antofagasta. And of course, in Talca too.

When it was finally confirmed that the game was being played at the Maule, the whites quickly made the reservation official at the Diego de Almagro Hotel, anticipating the authority and the University of Chile itself, which had to go to Hotel Casino to concentrate prior to the game.

“We have been organized for some time to concentrate in Talca, we traveled on Saturday and concentrated that day. It would not accommodate us at all if it is in Curicó, I hope that what is organized is respected. They have not asked us for any changes”, warned Alfredo Stöhwing, president of Blanco y Negro, when it became official that the game was being played in Talca.

With this, the Cacique made sure to stay just a few minutes away from the stadium on his bus, while the U had to make a trip of almost half an hour from its place of concentration.

A move that is far from being the final answer to Colo Colo’s victory over the blues, but that demonstrates two key things in this kind of commitment: the classics begin to be played long before and are won on and off the field.

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