The Flash: Scandal actor puts Warner Bros. in trouble

With the flash Warner Bros. wants the world of DCEU completely transform. The cinematic DC universe should be one with it get new paint bringing together new and old characters from the comics along the way. However, production is still overshadowed by the Violence scandals of the main actor Ezra Miller. According to a new report, Warner Bros. is said to be hoping the actor’s controversy will subside by the June 22, 2023 release date of the film. However, it doesn’t sound like Miller will be playing Barry Allen again.

Problem kid The Flash

After years of production struggles, The Flash is finally on its way. The film is slated to hit theaters in 2023. However, the solo film about the speedster Barry Allen is negatively charged because of its main actor Ezra Miller. The actor became violent in several cases compared to others, has been often arrested and made it through inappropriate behavior during filming to The Flash attracted attention.

For new Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav, this is the first film crisis he has to solve. Zaslav has made it clear that he Bringing DC universe to MCU scale wants and has with The Flash (buy now ) all the ingredients for a first step in this direction, including the Return of Michael Keaton as Batmana Budget of 200 million dollars and Director Andy Muskettiwho also already made the blockbuster IT delivered for the studio.

Will Ezra Miller Be Fired As The Flash?

A decision must soon be made as to what to do with the finished film and, more importantly, how to deal with the young actor who brings so many problems to the set. According to a report by the online magazine deadline the studio allegedly tried to help the Flash star. These attempts are said to have been in vain.

According to the report, Warner Bros. is now hoping for the situation to settle down before the film’s release in 2023. However, it is also said that David Zaslav has no intention of tying Ezra Miller into the future of DC movies after The Flash comes out. This is somewhat in line with reports from April 2022, which stated that Warner Bros. the The actor’s involvement in future company projects is on hold have.

According to Deadline, Zazlav is expected to make a decision on what to do with The Flash in the near future. So it can’t be long before there’s more definitive news about Ezra Miller’s place in DC’s movie franchise. In addition to Ezra Miller, The Flash is also said to be Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman to be seen next year.

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