The forceful decision of Susana Giménez that could harm Telefe

I was right Susana Gimenez at the Martín Fierro Awards gala when he received an award for his 35 years on the small screen and decided to start his speech by claiming that he does not understand when all those years passed. Besides, she also declared, with her usual humor, that she admired Mirtha Legrand for wanting to continue on the screens when she was already “tired”.

After a while, the controversy between the telephone diva and Telefe intensified when she felt disappointed by the way in which the three-sphere channel cared more for “The Simpsons” than for her. And it seems that this decision finished with the idea of Susana Gimenez to return to television.

The diva was in charge of special interviews that managed to be one of the most watched programs of 2018.

Or at least that’s what he hinted Susana Gimenez in a “LAM” mobile, where he alleged that he has no intention of being in charge of a new project for said channel. She even pointed out that she had been offered to be the host of “Who is the Mask?”, but she rejected it. for not feeling that it was a project for her.

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