The formation of Chile to face Ecuador

A major challenge will be Chilean team this Sunday where they are forced to win to continue in the race in the South American Qualifiers heading to the World Cup Qatar 2022 and the coach Martin Lasarte prepare an amazing team.

La Roja has just lost to Brazil and is currently out of the qualifying positions for the World Cup where they have only six points and for the same reason, La Roja is forced to add three to Ecuador.

To face the commitment in the height of Quito, Lasarte will not be able to count on the suspended Guillermo Maripán and Erick Pulgar and will make important changes to stay with the victory.

The first big change would be in the scheme. Lasarte had been playing with a 3-5-2, but this Sunday he will modify a 4-1-4-1 with the aim of containing the game by the Ecuadorian bands.

The big news are the ownership of Enzo Roco and Claudio Baeza, who will replace those suspended. Another change will be the replacement of Iván Morales, who will be an alternative in Quito and his place will be occupied by Jean Meneses.

The formation of La Roja.

While Sebastián Vegas replaces Eugenio Mena. With this, the formation of Chile will be with: Caudio Bravo; Paulo Diaz, Gary Medel, Enzo Roco, Sebastián Vegas; Claudio Baeza; Mauricio Isla, Arturo Vidal, Charles Aránguiz, Jean Meneses; Eduardo Vargas.

It should be remembered that the third game of the Chilean team will be this Thursday, September 9, where they will have another complicated game against Colombia in Barranquilla.

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