The formation that the Copa Chile final is looking for!

With a 4-0 advantage achieved in the first leg, it arrives Colo Colo to the Santa Laura stadium where from 19:00 hours will seek to seal the way to the final of the Chile Cup.

Despite the comfortable victory achieved in the first leg, coach Gustavo Quinteros does not want surprises and despite not having Gabriel Costa who was summoned by Ricardo Gareca to defend the Peruvian team and without the scorer, Iván Morales, who is next to La Roja, the chief’s technician had his best people to measure themselves against Hispanics.

One of the great doubts that the coach had was to confirm who would be the replacements for Costa and Morales and finally, he decided on two surprises and in Santa Laura they will be starters Ignacio Jara and Javier Parraguez.

Another modification is the return to the ownership of the captain Gabriel Suazo placeholder image, who replaces Miiko Albornoz, who was not summoned for this engagement. In the midfield there are also surprises, since Cesar Fuentes and Bryan Soto they will be the containment flyers.

Check out the surprising formation of Colo Colo

Several surprises in the eleventh of Colo Colo. (Photo: Colo Colo)

No, you must bet on Arriagada

Yes, but an experienced one

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