The founder of Undead Labs (State of Decay) creates a new studio

Undead Labs is one of 23 Xbox studios currently in the process of creating an extensive catalog of games for Xbox Game Pass. But after almost 12 years of loyal service, its founder Jeff Strain announces today the creation of a new studio.

Possibility Space, Jeff Strain’s new studio

Having made his career debut at Blizzard Entertainment, Jeff Strain first co-founded ArenaNet (Guild Wars) then founded Undead Labs in 2009. The studio will then release State of Decay in 2013 and State of Decay 2 in 2018 before releasing announce a third episode, State of Decay 3, whose release date is yet to be set.

After many years of creating zombie games, Jeff Strain seems to have needed a breath of fresh air since the man today announces the creation of Possibility Space, a new studio dedicated to the creation of video games.

For the moment, Possibility Space has about fifteen people on board, including Jane Ng (Campo Santo, Valve), Liz England (Ubisoft, Insomniac), Brandon Dillon (Oculus, Double Fine) or even Charles Randall (Ubisoft, BioWare ). Several positions are also open to strengthen the team and are available 100% telework.

Possibility Space is built around an innovative model where game developers can create shared human experiences in an ambitious and physically distributed studio.

In the statement, Jeff Strain explains that it was the right time for him to create something new. He admits to having lived very badly these last 18 months of isolation during a pandemic. “The past 18 months have been almost unbearable at times. This fear and isolation was the catalyst for Possibility Space, a kind of modern game studio, where we create a happy game that has been a dream that I have had for many years. “.

Based in Louisiana, the new studio seems to want to bring a breath of fresh air with the creation of joyful games based on human experiences.

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