The four scariest things astronauts have seen in space

There are not many who have been able to call themselves in this life astronauts and there are even fewer who were able to witness from orbit and even beyond the spectacular panoramas offered by outer space.

Stars, planets, constellations, galaxies, a huge number of postcards that the universe gave us and that space travelers have witnessed.

However, while many of the objects in space are amazing, It is also a place of terrifying, creepy things that have been able to traumatize more than one astronaut.

Many astronomers have had disturbing experiences, and in particular, there are four things that have scared astronauts, compiled in a report on the website of Sun.

Unfortunately, everything is based on witness statements and there are no images or recordings.

The UFO in the form of a cylinder

In 1991, during the Soyuz TM-4 mission, Russian cosmonaut Musa Manarov, flight engineer, he witnessed a bright object rotating and moving through space.

At first, Manarov thought it was some piece of the shuttle, but the rotation and speed with which it moved led the expert to say it was a UFO.

Frozen Dogs and Chimpanzees

Throughout space research, the United States and Russia have sent different animals to other borders, such as dogs and chimpanzees, to check the safety of humans in space.

Many of the ships the animals flew on were never recovered. and several astronauts have claimed that they have seen the furry ones floating, frozen, in outer space.

The space “snake”

Franklin Story Musgrave He is known for being the second astronaut to have participated in six space flights. His experience can speak to his credibility, especially in claiming that he saw “a white snake two meters long floating in space.”

He described it as eel-like and that he saw it on two of his missions.

Franklin Story Musgrave

music in space

I guess we haven’t imagined going to the Moon and hearing The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights in the background, but among so many strange noises astronauts have heard, music has also been recorded.

During the Apollo 10 mission, the astronauts heard a kind of noise that lasted almost an hour and scared them. They described it as “music from another world”.

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