The fourth season of "Babylon Berlin"

The fourth season of “Babylon Berlin” arrives on the screen of Europe Europe, with chapters that weekly from Thursday, December 1 at 10:00 p.m. In this new installment, the fiction adapts the third installment of the German novels Volker Kutscher.

The plot is set in the 1930s in Berlin, after the golden twenties culminated in the global stock market crash of the Great Depression and the Nazi march to power was in full swing. Only a few have benefited from the collapse, like the industrialist Alfred Nyssen, who invests his profits and has ambitions for him that aim for nothing less than the entire world and beyond.

Photo: courtesy of the press

Others have used the city’s chaos to their advantage, like American mobster Abe Goldstein, who brazenly flaunts his riches while searching for a lost relic. Others have fallen dramatically down the social ladder towards homelessness and despair, like Toni, who wanders the streets of Berlin with a group of young peers, struggling to survive.

Meanwhile, Gereon’s investigations lead him into the boxing milieu and politically close to Hitler’s SA. However, some are still trying to restore order.

Photo: courtesy of the press

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