The Frame: Samsung’s Smart TV sets a record in 2021

Samsung is proud to announce at the end of the year that 2021 will have been an exceptional year for its The Frame range of Smart TVs. Indeed, launched in 2017, The Frame range offers televisions that take on the appearance of a work of art, to make “to forget” technology. At CES 2019, the brand unveiled The Wall, the first consumer panel to offer MicroLED technology.

The Frame, full box for Samsung in 2021

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for many high-tech products has literally exploded. Among the most popular products, video games of course, but also… Smart TVs. On the side of Samsung, we obviously declined The Frame in several models, with the possibility of affording a 32 ″ screen, or even going to the home cinema stars with an extraordinary (and overpriced) model. of 85 ″. QLED technology has also made its entry, not to mention 4K / 120Hz compatibility.

Samsung The Frame

This is a TV… © Samsung

These are all elements that have enabled The Frame range to experience an exceptional year 2021, with more than a million Smart TVs sold around the world. Massive demand, particularly from the United States and Europe, which allowed The Frame to cross for the first time this fateful milestone of one million sales in a single year. A Smart TV that can be hung on the wall, like a picture, but also stand on a very “tripod”.artistic“.

For Simon Sung, at Samsung: “The Frame is not just a device for watching TV, but a lifestyle product that enhances a space with its design and enriches the lives of consumers with a vast collection of art.

Note that The Frame allows in particular to transform his TV into a real artist’s painting, Samsung having entered into various partnerships to offer different models via the Art Store. In total, Samsung announces that more than 1,400 international works can be displayed by The Frame

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