The French invited to return their undeclared weapons during a collection

The more than 2 million individuals in possession of undeclared weapons, mainly hunting weapons or from the First and Second World Wars, are encouraged to regularize their situation during an operation which begins this Friday, November 25.

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300 sites in mainland France and overseas will be open until Friday, December 2 to collect firearms but also sabers, daggers or other weapons held irregularly, often from inheritances, and which will then be destroyed. .

While 30,000 weapons are already abandoned “spontaneously” each year to the state, “we want to speed up” the process during this operation already carried out in the West Indies but “unpublished” in mainland France, explained to the press at the beginning of November Jean-Simon Merandat, head of the Central Service for Arms and Explosives (SCAE) of the Ministry of the Interior, who “co-constructed” the operation with the Chancellery.

5 to 6 million undeclared weapons

The issues are multiple. The aim is both to avoid domestic accidents and neighborhood conflicts and to participate in the fight against intra-family violence. Each year, 8,000 weapons are also stolen and the aim of the operation is also to prevent them from entering criminal networks, lists the SCAE.

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According to the Interior, 2 million weapons belong to deceased people and are not registered with state services, the second largest audience after hunters. “Empirically”the ministry estimates that 5 to 6 million weapons are held irregularly.

Concretely, individuals will be able to dispose of weapons and ammunition from the police or gendarmes. Home collection is possible for people with reduced mobility or those residing in the Paris region in order to avoid traveling with weapons in this densely populated area.

If people wish to keep their weapons, they will have to comply with the Weapons Information System (SIA). In France, 5 million individuals legally own firearms, mainly hunters, sports shooters, biathletes and a few collectors.

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