The Future of Arma: a live broadcast dedicated to the future of the franchise is coming

This evening has arrived great news for all fans of the series Weaponsince Bohemia Interactive has announced the imminent debut of a live streaming event during which it will be possible to find out more details about the future of the brand.

Although the official press release does not contain information regarding the announcements that will be made, it is very likely that we will see the reveal of a new project. The event takes the name of “The Future of Arma” and focuses on the next installment in the highly realistic first-person shooter series. Anyone curious to find out what the development team announcements will be can follow the event live on the Twitch Armaplatform channel. The Future of Arma will start next Tuesday 17 May 2022 at 19:00 of the Italian time zone and a reply was also confirmed at 22:00.

Waiting to discover all the news in store for the community from the creators of Operation Flashpoint and DayZ, we remind you that just a few weeks ago a video of Arma 3 mistaken for a war scene between Ukraine and Russia caused a sensation among gamers and not only.

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