The Geissens: fight and mutiny on the Indigo Star – shots in the kitchen

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Of: Aileen Udovenko

The Geissens tell of the craziest incidents on the Indigo Star © Instagram / Carmen Geiss, Robert Geiss

In their latest podcast episode, the Geissens report on what are probably the craziest incidents on the Indigo Star. From mutinies to fights, the family of four has experienced all sorts of things over the years.

Monaco – With the Indigo Star, the Geissens own a yacht that, due to its size, can no longer be steered without the right staff. Over time, the family has hired several crews and things have not always gone smoothly with them.

“We have experienced everything”: The Geissens about the crew of the Indigo Start

The family explains in the podcast that they need at least seven crew members to get permission to sail the Indigo Star. But not all of the previously hired cooks and captains meant well with the Geissens. The family reports how former crews started beating each other up.

The daughters, Davina and Shania, also report how a former chef tried to enter their bedroom with a knife, but a stewardess was able to stop him. With another crew, the family was even threatened with mutiny.

“There was shooting in the kitchen”: Even acquaintances of the family were not spared

Carmen Geiss talks about acquaintances who have already had similar experiences as she and her family. On the friends’ boat, crew members armed themselves and started a shootout in the galley.

Goats family in Venice 2020.
The Geissens family likes to travel, here in Venice © Marco Wolf/IMAGO

Just recently, Shania and Davina Geiss had a wild party on their parents’ yacht. The girls invited all young and well-trained men onto the boat, Carmen and Robert were not at all pleased. Sources used: Spotify/The Geissens

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