The German Federal Motor Transport Authority is now targeting Tesla

The electric car pioneer Tesla Motors is threatened by trouble from the German Federal Motor Transport Authority. According to a report, the authority is examining whether or not Tesla’s autonomous lane change function is permitted in Europe.

The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has therefore launched an investigation into Tesla Motors. This is reported by the picture on Sunday in today’s printed edition. A spokesman for the KBA confirmed to the newspaper that they were specifically investigating an electronic lane change function. The exams are not yet connected. Among other things, the KBA will tell Tesla that the function in the field of autonomous driving is not approved in Europe.

The KBA is therefore now in close contact with Tesla itself, but also with the European vehicle registration authority RDW in the Netherlands. If it turns out that the function is not permitted in Germany in its current form, Tesla would have to deactivate the function with a software update.

Advanced autopilot with lane change

The lane change assistant is part of the extended autopilot that can be booked in the Model 3 for 3,800 euros. According to Tesla, the extra puts the vehicle in the optimal lane when changing lanes in order to prepare it for junctions and exits and to overtake slower vehicles. Pending lane changes are announced to the driver.

But that’s not all that the KBA now wants to know more about Tesla. There is a second investigation. This involves the delivery of new vehicles without a second control unit, which enables the autonomous driving functions for full self-driving. As we reported, Tesla had delivered new Model 3 and Model Y from the Gigafactory Shanghai in Germany without the second control unit. The stumbling block for the KBA is that Tesla is said not to have informed its customers about this.

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