The gigantic Goku Super Saiyan Blue took over the traditional Thanksgiving parade

It is one of the festivities that has the longest tradition in the United States and they celebrate it in style. On Thanksgiving Day, in addition to the hearty turkey dinners that we have seen on the series since we were children, it has the customary Macy’s parade on the streets of New York.

In this 2021 the 95th edition of the traditional parade was held. And as always, it showed the giant inflatables alluding to the most trending of the moment in popular culture. So, as Dragon Ball never seemed to go out of style, Goku took over the streets in the Big Apple for the third year in a row.

The best warrior in the universe, in Dragon Ball Super, he was in giant inflatable mode and turned into Super Saiyan Blue. The powerful martial arts expert walked the streets in the parade, supported by more than 50 people who led him on foot. Thousands of people enjoyed the event live and millions watched it on the screens.

Toei Animation and the producers of the important parade specified that the giant figure of Goku is always one of the largest of the event. It is capable of reaching 21 meters in length and 10 in width. In addition, supported by the ropes, it rises about 17 meters through the skyscrapers of New York.

In this way we leave you with the best photographs and videos of the users who witnessed the event and published it on their Twitter accounts.

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