The gold coin that proves that a "false" existed

Despite the fact that they are things that already happened thousands of years ago, there are several moments that humanity does not know about its own past, and on several occasions reality is confused with fiction. This was the case of Sponsian, an emperor of Rome that many thought that it never existed, but new information about a gold coin discovered hundreds of years ago would suggest otherwise.

It was originally found in 1713, in a military outpost of Rome in Transylvania, where Sponsian is believed to have ruled as emperor during the reign of Philip the Arab, when the province of Dacia was cut off from the empire amid a pandemic and civil war. For several years this strange ruler of the empire was believed to have existed, but in 1863 Henry Cohen, one of the leading coin experts of the day, claimed that they were modern forgeries, noting that they were poorly made and looked “gross imaginations”

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