The golden opportunity that Gabriel Suazo and Brayan Cortés have with the Chilean National Team on the European tour

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Four are the selected ones that Colo Colo has on the tour of Europe and that will play friendly matches against Morocco and Qatar. For everyone, it is a tremendous opportunity, however, there are two who can take great advantage of the journey through the old continent.

The Colo Colo players are already under the orders of Eduardo Berizzo
© ANFP CommunicationsThe Colo Colo players are already under the orders of Eduardo Berizzo

After Chile’s negative result against FIFA in the Byron Castillo case, the Chilean National Team will have to focus only on playing the friendlies it has scheduled against Morocco in Barcelona and Qatar in Vienna. Those led by Eduardo Berizzo are already in the old continent and are preparing for the two duels against the World Cup teams.

Colo Colo players have a mini vacation, however, there are four who did not have time to rest and traveled to Europe to be in the concentration of the national team. Esteban Pavez, Gabriel Suazo, Brayan Cortés and Jeyson Rojas were nominated for Toto and will live the long-awaited experience with La Roja.

And although the instance is a tremendous chance for everyone and thus show itself as an alternative for a new qualifying process, there are two that can take even more advantage. These are Brayan Cortés and Gabriel Suazo, two who are emerging as starters in the Berizzo era.

This is because both players have been on the radar of European teams. Although no offer has come for either of them, It is known that both the goalkeeper and the side have their days numbered in Chile and, very soon, a great opportunity may come. Cortés has already renewed his contract with Colo Colo, but a team that wants to have him will be able to pay the exit clause to get his services and, if we look at the future of the national team, it would do him very well to be tied in one of the big leagues.

The case of Gabriel Suazo is well known. The Captain of the Cacique has not yet renewed and has already had some approaches to European soccer teams. Therefore, this exhibition can be crucial in your future, since it isemissaries are likely to be in Spain and Austria to see the role of the players. In this way, the white youth squad can attract attention and the clubs can decide to start negotiations with the defender.

Secondly, Jeyson Rojas can also take advantage. Although he has not had any known polls, he is highly regarded by Berizzo and can start to become the right back of the national team. In fact, he was the starter in the U23 friendly against Peru, playing a tremendous game.

The Chilean National Team will face Morocco this Friday, September 23 at 4:00 p.m. For its part, the match against the Qatar team will be played on Tuesday 27 at 2:00 p.m.

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