The Government advanced the increases in the Minimum Wage to June, which will be $45,540

Tuesday, May 10, 2022 | 7:19 p.m.

The national government ordered this Tuesday to advance the validity of the increase in the Minimum, Vital and Mobile Salary (SMVM), which will become 45,540 pesos as of June 1, official sources reported.

With the new dates for the minimum wage update brackets, the amounts will be, as of June 1, 45,540 pesos for monthly workers and 227.70 the value of the hour for daily workers.

As of August 1, meanwhile, the minimum wage will be 47,850 for monthly workers and 239.30 the value of the hour for daily workers.

Thus, the minimum and maximum amounts of the unemployment benefit will remain at 12,650 pesos and 21,083, respectively, as of June 1; and 13,292 pesos and 22,153, respectively, as of August 1st.

The Minister of Labor, Claudio Moroni, signed the resolution that advances the scheduled increases, the Government stated in a statement.

As part of the update of the minimum wage, there will also be improvements for the beneficiaries of the Empower Work, Accompany and Unemployment Insurance programs, added the national government.

Last Thursday, a group of deputies from the Frente de Todos (FdT) led by Máximo Kirchner had presented a draft resolution along the same lines.

This initiative proposed to advance to July all the increases in the SMVM scheduled for 2022.

The project requested the Executive Power that the 45% increase set in March by the Salary Council be charged in August and not in January 2023.

“The evolution of the SMVM is fundamental and acts as a reference for different instances of labor negotiation; it establishes the percentages of increase that update the Unemployment Insurance, set the hourly value for daily workers; and they are taken into account for the updates of the Empower program Work and Progress Scholarships”, explained the legislators of the union branch and of the social movements during the presentation of the initiative.

Because it is a draft resolution, this initiative only urged the Executive Branch to act in that direction and did not enable the substantive issue to be dealt with in the legislative debate.

For its part, the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) celebrated the measure and registered it in the “constant and fluid dialogue” with the authorities of the Ministry of Labor.

The measure “is made effective based on the constant monitoring of prices and salaries carried out by the CGT and the Ministry of Labor with the aim of keeping the salary reference values ​​updated, which also impact the amounts of the different social benefits such as Empower Work, the Accompany Program and Unemployment Insurance, among others,” the workers’ union said in a statement.

“In line with the call made at the time by the Ministry of Labor so that the different activities reopen or advance their parities, the SMVM increases that were agreed for August and December respectively are advanced in order to safeguard their purchasing power”, highlighted the union organization, led by Héctor Daer, Carlos Acuña and Pablo Moyano.

In this way, the CGT stated “once again that the parity is the tool to maintain the purchasing power of workers.”

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