The Government announced a 40% increase in the Alimentar card

Monday, November 21, 2022 | 8:36 p.m.

The Government announced this Monday a 40% increase in the amount of the Alimentar card. The increase will bring the values ​​to $12,500 for those who have a son or daughter, pregnant women and people with disabilities. In addition, those who have two children will receive $19,000 and for those families with three or more children the amount will rise to $25,000.

The announcement, made by the Ministry of Social Development, will benefit 2,413,316 families holding the Food Benefit, including a total of 4,046,899 boys and girls.

Thus, the benefit has already been increased by 90% so far this year, in line with inflation. This benefit will reach 2,413,316 families who are holders of the Food Benefit, of which 55.9% have one child, 27.7% two, and 16.4% three or more.

The increase will cover 4,046,899 children, of which 3,906,024 are under 14 years of age, 67,353 have some kind of disability, and 73,522 are babies.

The food benefit budget goes from $27,616 million to $38,519 million, which means an increase of almost $11,000 million in the budget allocated directly to children, the Government indicated.

The Alimentar Benefit, better known as Alimentar Card, is the second most important program in the Social Development portfolio, after Empowering Work.

This is a benefit for mothers or fathers with sons and daughters up to 14 years of age who receive the Universal Child Allowance (AUH), pregnant women after the third month, people with disabilities who receive the Universal Child Allowance (AUH ) and mothers with more than 7 children, so that they can access the basic food basket.

The money from the Alimentar Card is deposited monthly in the beneficiary’s account in which the AUH is paid.

The allocation is automatic, crossing ANSES and AUH databases, meaning that its allocation does not depend on a social organization or municipality. Official sources indicated that “so far this year the reinforcement is 90%” in this benefit.

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